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Quiet Friday Night Thoughts: Do the Thing

Discover an intimate reflection in Joy’s latest blog post, “A Quiet Friday Night: Sharing Thoughts and Embracing ‘Do the Thing’.” Dive into an introspective journey as Joy opens up about the power of taking action and the

Catching Up and Living Life to the Fullest!

Welcome back to the Joy Reveals Podcast! It’s been a while since our last update, but we’ve been busy creating incredible moments and embracing life to its fullest. Join us as we dive into the beauty of

Life is Hard For All Of Us… Be Kind

Well hello! It’s been a minute! I’ve been traveling so much- it’s been hard to be able to get on here live. Just sharing an update with what I’ve been up to since so many have been

Do You Take Self Care Days?

Sharing A Few Things Of What I’ve Been Up To Since Some Of You Have Been Asking!

Hi! How is everyone doing? I know it’s been some time and wanted to say a quick hello! Sharing a few things of what I’ve been up to since some of you have been asking!

On This Day 10 Years Ago, I Ran My First And Probably Only Marathon!

Happy New Year! How are you all doing? Getting back to the basics!

Hello from Galveston and Merry Christmas Eve!

Hello from Galveston and Merry Christmas Eve! We are headed to our family cruise with over 50 people!

Hello From Mexico!! Just Sharing a Thought You About “Just Start” When It Comes To Taking Action!

Hello!! It’s December 1st! Sharing Some Stories Of Kindness