Interview With Speaker Chelsea Cohen Who Will Be Speaking At The Simplezonseller Conference

Tomorrow is another full day of interviews with some of my amazing speakers who will be joining us next month at our live Simplezonseller Event in Houston April 27-28! Come join me as I chat with rockstar Chelsea Cohen! She has a wealth of knowledge and some awesome giveaways and tips! You don’t want to … Read more

RaceUSA Mobile App Launch is Coming!

  So for the past 90 days, I have been working on something very, very cool!  What’s that you might ask? A mobile app!!!  Here is a sneak preview of what it’s all about! Another slideshow by Smilebox Together, with 17 other appreneurs, we had the privilege of participating in the World’s First Virtual App Incubator! … Read more

Where Do I Begin?

Do you ever ask yourself that question when you are trying to begin something new? There is so much information thrown at us that sometimes we stop and say..””Whoa! Too much information!” Then, we end up not doing anything at all! That has happened to me time and time again in this career we call … Read more