Goals and a “Push”

So how are you this week?? Did you make your dreamboard? I hope so because it really all begins with a dream–how can we shoot for something if there is nothing to shoot for? I get really excited when I talk about dreams and goals–it’s a true passion of mine, so you will hear me talk about it often.:)
Everyday, I think about the reason I really want to make the money. I want to be able to spend time with my family, travel when I want to, sleep if I want to–basically be able to do what I want and with who I want. Someone once said that “Success is waking up and going to sleep and doing whatever you want in between.”:) I really really love that! Are you familiar with that song “Busy Man?” If you haven’t heard it, you should go listen to it. It will really make you stop and think. What are we really working for anyways? It’s always good to do a “check and balance” on our lives every now and then to make sure we are on track. It’s easy to get side-tracked or to think we are doing things for the right reasons.
This past February, I was able to go to a seminar in Dallas and meet the famous Chalene Johnson. She is so full of energy! What an epitome of what I want to be like. She is a fitness instructor, an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife and has her goals in perspective. One cool program that she put out that is free is called the 30 Day Push.   Here’s a video that explains what it’s about:


It’s a FREE 30-day program that gives you a task to do each day.  It will challenge you to really get your life in order and to write down your goals.

I challenge you this week to start that challenge–start really thinking about what you want in life!  It has to begin with a goal in mind.  So what are you waiting for? Start writing , start listening, and begin your challenge TODAY!  Until next time….

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