It’s Thanksgiving–What Are You Thankful For?

Wow–I can’t believe it’s been since July that I’ve written!!!  Life has been pretty crazy!!  I’ve had 2 of my children get married this year and so that alone explains it!;)  I am just visiting my sister during this holiday season and had some time to myself to think.  It’s the Thanksgiving Holidays and yesterday, I took party in the Annual Turkey Trot 5k here in Beaumont, Texas.  It was sort of a big event for me–the first race back since my horrible neck/shoulder injury back in April.  I made it through, even though I’m pretty sore today!!:)  As I was running that race, there was something that took place on the busy highways.   There was a horrible wreck that included a 140-car pileup.  Here are a few photos of what happened:

There were several families that were involved in the horrible wreck this Thanksgiving Day.   There were a few fatalities and several who had to go to the hopsital.  It made me stop and realize that life is so fragile and can be taken at any moment.  Many of those families were going home for the holidays to enjoy food and laughter, only to be stranded or even taken to the hospital.

It made me contemplate how blessed I really am. I have my family, my health, a great business to support our family and so much more.  Have you ever stopped to think about the things you are grateful for?  I did that one night and numbered my paper from 1-100 in my journal.  I made myself fill in all the blanks before I left my writing area.  You should try it sometime.  When life seems like it’s so tough, go back to your “Grateful List.”  It will amaze you how after you read that–life doesn’t seem to be that bad.

We truly are blessed…let’s be thankful this Holiday and give our loved ones a little bit of a longer hug the next time and remember to say “I Love You..”  You never know if that might be the last time you will be able to do that.  Hope everyone is continuing to have a safe and enjoyable holiday….back to the family!  Until next time….