Accept Our Situation and Conquer it!

I’ve started doing some meditation.  I’ve been learning so much and it has impacted my life.  I thought you’d enjoy this video I have made as I share my thoughts with you!    I also thought you’d enjoy my marathon pic!:)  This has impacted my life as well!  I feel like I can conquer anything!! … Read more

RaceUSA Mobile App Launch is Coming!

  So for the past 90 days, I have been working on something very, very cool!  What’s that you might ask? A mobile app!!!  Here is a sneak preview of what it’s all about! Another slideshow by Smilebox Together, with 17 other appreneurs, we had the privilege of participating in the World’s First Virtual App Incubator! … Read more

It’s Thanksgiving–What Are You Thankful For?

Wow–I can’t believe it’s been since July that I’ve written!!!  Life has been pretty crazy!!  I’ve had 2 of my children get married this year and so that alone explains it!;)  I am just visiting my sister during this holiday season and had some time to myself to think.  It’s the Thanksgiving Holidays and yesterday, … Read more

In a Slump?

I am all about dreams and goals. I am a pretty self-motivated person. I like to make my dream board, make my goals list and refer back to it often. It’s important to have something that we are aiming for, or we are aiming for nothing as they say. We all have our ups and … Read more

Goals and a “Push”

So how are you this week?? Did you make your dreamboard? I hope so because it really all begins with a dream–how can we shoot for something if there is nothing to shoot for? I get really excited when I talk about dreams and goals–it’s a true passion of mine, so you will hear me … Read more

Where Do I Begin?

Do you ever ask yourself that question when you are trying to begin something new? There is so much information thrown at us that sometimes we stop and say..””Whoa! Too much information!” Then, we end up not doing anything at all! That has happened to me time and time again in this career we call … Read more

Welcome to my Blog!

Well hello there!! I wanted to welcome you to my blog!!! I am very happy that you have found me. I am anxious to share ideas, stories, and tips on how to make money online. I love to be motivated and I also love to share that motivation with others. There are so many interesting … Read more