Baby Rockers

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Have you ever wanted your very own custom-made blog targeting an evergreen niche? Well, look no further! It also will include the following:

single-site license premium plugins

Custom header and graphics

Products will autopost!

This is total value of over $500! Wow! Features include:

1. 100% unique site design – this is a one-of-a-kind theme specifically designed for this site.

2. Target keyword Baby Rocker gets 4400 exact global monthly searches and 27,100 broad

3. Premium plugins on this site include:

WP Amaz-One ($97 value),

  • Digi Auto Links ($47 value),
  • Digi Traffic Multiplier ($47 value),
  • Digi Link Doctor ($47 value)
  • Digi Viral Traffic ($97 value)

4. Homepage has on page SEO for the target keyword

5. Easy navigation on the back end

6. Great-looking custom design (worth $97) – and I’ll send you a separate .zip file with the theme in three separate formats – WordPress, Blogger and HTML – so you can use it on other sites, too!

7. Graphic are custom (worth $27)

8. Comes with a one-site license for WP Amaz-One Amazon autoposting plugin fully integrated and set to post for two months into the future (worth $97) – already set up with posts scheduled to drip feed for 60 days!

9. Can do a free transfer via Dynadot. Will not do transfers between Godaddy and 1 and 1.

10. Domain comes with site ($12 value)

After you purchase the site, you will receive a PDF letting you know what information I need in order to transfer and set up the website.


Grab this awesome new site for only $149!



NOTE: This site is only going to be sold once. Note: I also create custom mini-sites. Feel free to email me: for more info.

Another NOTE: No refunds for any reason. All sales Final.


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