Kids Performed At Our Special Program Called “Packard Night Of Music”

We are still sharing some numbers with you that the kids performed at our special program called “Packard Night of Music” that we held at our home on Dec 23rd. We started recording with no stopping in between, so this has the beginning numbers for about 16 min or so! We still have about 4 … Read more

Song Written By One Of My Daughter-In-Laws, Aubrey Packard From Our “Packard Night Of Music!”

I am so blessed that my married children married awesome people! Sharing another number with you tonight from our “Packard Night of Music!” This one is a song written by one of my daughter-in-laws, Aubrey Packard and she wrote it the night before! (WOW!:) . I’m so super proud of her and we love having … Read more