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Just Got Done With Our Networking Event Tonight – How Many Times Have I Said…

Just got done with our networking event tonight. How many times have I said event and networking are key to success? #SanDiego #LegacyBuildersLive

I’m Feeling Very Generous Today And If You Are On The Fence About Coming To The Simplezonseller Even

Take 2!:). I’m feeling very generous today and if you are on the fence about coming to the Simplezonseller event, I’m giving away a $150 value ! Come see what !

SimplezonSeller Event with Robert Bagley! He knows all things Kindle and Publishing!

http://simplezonseller.com – My live event SimplezonSeller is quickly approaching around the corner–April 4-6 right here in Houston! We will be doing some live interviews with all of our guest speakers so you can get to know the