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Happy New Year! How are you all doing? Getting back to the basics!

Hello From Mazatlán, Mexico! What Are Your Goals? Your Dreams? Your Passions?

Are You Staying Grounded? Taking Care Of Your Health? Going For Your Goals?

Hi- how is everyone? Hopping on to share some thoughts with you! Are you staying grounded? Taking care of your health? Going for your goals?

Happy Halloween! Brrrr!!! What are your goals? Your dreams? Your passions? Go for them!

Happy Halloween! Brrrr!!! Baby it’s cold outside! I am putting my deposit down FINALLY and have secured the location for my first retreat! Yahoo! What are your goals? Your dreams? Your passions? Go for them! #Goals #Dreams

This Weather in Texas is Amazing Lately! Re-Vamping, Re-Charging Today, and Sharing Some Thoughts

This weather in Texas is amazing lately! Re-vamping, re-charging today, and sharing some thoughts with you! We can do hard things and we can do those tasks to move forward each day. #RetreatsWithJoy #Goals #Dreams

Hello from Puerto Moreles! What is your focus? What is your vision? Your dream?

Some Sunday Thoughts For You Today! #SundayThoughts #Goals #NoJudgements #BeKinder

You Either Win Or You Learn! Just Sharing A Short Thought With You This AM!

You either win or you learn! Just sharing a short thought with you this am! #Goals #Passion

Day 19 challenge for you for those who are doing the Join the Joy Challenge! I love this one so much!

8 Kids, 8 Grandkids And 16 Moves- We Are Still Here Lol! It’s Our 31st Anniversary!

8 kids, 8 grandkids and 16 moves- we are still here lol! It’s our 31st anniversary! Definitely been a road of ups and downs! Also giving your challenge for Day 18 of the Join the Joy Challenge!