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More “Packard NIght of Music 2018”

Still sharing a few numbers from our “Packard Night of Music.” “Tonight we feature Jana Knobbe with her solo then followed by all my daughters singing “O Holy Night.”

Song Written By One Of My Daughter-In-Laws, Aubrey Packard From Our “Packard Night Of Music!”

I am so blessed that my married children married awesome people! Sharing another number with you tonight from our “Packard Night of Music!” This one is a song written by one of my daughter-in-laws, Aubrey Packard and

Sharing Another Number With You From Our “Packard Night Of Music”

Sharing another number with you from our “Packard Night of Music.” We love our future daughter-in-law! She’s so talented and beautiful inside and out! David has an amazing voice as well! We are so proud of them

Were You There-Stan Packard Family

On December 23, 2018, we had our very first ever special program at our home we called the “Packard Night Of Music” where we had 7 of our 8 kids, and most of our grandkids and in-laws