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Simplezonseller 2019 Was A Huge Success and Now It’s Time To Take Action!

After event day!:). Simplezonseller 2019 was a huge success and now it’s time to take action! #Simplezonseller2019

It’s The Weekend Before My Big Event-Simplezonseller! You Know You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To Do?

It’s the weekend before my big event-Simplezonseller! Sharing some thoughts with you. You know you can do anything you put your mind to do? It doesn’t matter if people say you can or can’t–you know you can!

I’m Feeling Very Generous Today And If You Are On The Fence About Coming To The Simplezonseller Even

Take 2!:). I’m feeling very generous today and if you are on the fence about coming to the Simplezonseller event, I’m giving away a $150 value ! Come see what !

How Are Things Going in Your World? Feeling Unstoppable Today!:)

Hello! How are things going in your world? Just an update and saying a quick hi! Feeling unstoppable today!:) #Unstoppable #Simplezonseller

SimplezonSeller Event with Robert Bagley! He knows all things Kindle and Publishing! – My live event SimplezonSeller is quickly approaching around the corner–April 4-6 right here in Houston! We will be doing some live interviews with all of our guest speakers so you can get to know the

My Simplezonseller Conference is About to Happen!

Last year, I spoke at about 10 events and attended 4-5 more of others. There is power in live events! Networking is key! I’m giving away a discount today for my upcoming Live Event!

Got Back From My Vegas Event And It Was Awesome! Simplezonseller Is Around The Corner!!

Got back from my Vegas event and it was awesome! I continue to preach about how important events are! Simplezonseller is around the corner!!

Interview With Speaker Dan Fernandez Who Will Be Speaking At The Simplezonseller

We have our last 2 speaker interviews today of who will be on stage next week at my live event–SimplezonSeller-April 27-28!! The power of networking and events is so crucial to your success. I was able to